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The holidays are cruel to our stomachs. From October through January, they endure a lot. Between Halloween candy, ladle after ladle of gravy, freshly baked sweets and numerous flutes of champagne, an upset stomach is not a big surprise. We pay for those indulgences and spend many seasonal nights feeling uncomfortable, bloated and downright sick. This year, break that holiday tradition! Enjoy the festivities, and the food, without the illness by keeping these tummy loving tips in mind.

LoveBugĀ® Probiotics are a premium line of award winning probiotics, with options available for the entire family. Developed in partnership with internationally recognized doctors and scientists, this efficient and diverse line is fifteen times more effective in delivering the microorganisms to the digestive tract than other leading probiotics. LoveBugĀ® supplements also contain no gluten, soy, sugar, GMOs or other unnecessary, undesirable ingredients, leaving more room in each tablet for helpful probiotics.

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