Win an All-Clad 6-Quart Pasta Pot


Win-an-All-Clad-6-Quart-Pasta-PotMake magic in the kitchen, even on days when you’re short on time. Not much is quicker than a pasta dinner and the All-Clad 6-Quart Pasta Pot with its perforated insert is perfect for preparing pasta, whether it’s Spaghetti with Breadcrumbs or a spicy Puttanesca. You’re not limited to making macaroni in it either, the pot is also ideal for steaming and blanching vegetables and shellfish – no wand required. The stainless-steel construction won’t react with food and the aluminum warp-resistant base ensures fast, even heating. Clean up is also a breeze and can be completed almost as fast as you can say abracadabra.

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