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Being a pen & stationery enthusiast can feel isolating in a culture that favors rapid digital communication. There’s plenty to be learned, appreciated, and shared when a group of fountain pen addicts gets together to geek out over pens and ink. Grab a case full of your inked pens and head out to a meetup (or host one) to celebrate FPD with pen pals. Attending a pen show is not only a fun way to meet up with like-minded appreciators of fine writing instruments, but it’s also the best way to expand your horizons by browsing massive pen collections that include modern and vintage pens from manufacturers all over the world. If you’re in the area, the Ohio Pen Show is being held during Fountain Pen Day weekend with over 150 exhibitor tables.

A number of pen clubs and meetups are also going on around the world. The official Fountain Pen Day meetup is being held in New York City. Sponsored by Kenro Industries (distributors of Aurora and Montegrappa), the event is open to all pen enthusiasts in the metro area.¬†You can also find a local group that may be meeting on November 3rd. If one isn’t going on in your area, you could always post your interest in an online pen forum to see if you can connect to others in your area for a friendly meetup at a public location. A coffee shop or library tend to be ideal locations, but you should call ahead to make sure it would be permissible for you to meet there.

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