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Cookbooks go a long way back — ancient Mesopotamian, Arabic, Greece, German, Tang Dynasty and many more old civilizations recorded a collection of their favorite recipes be it for training or posterity. And some have survived down to this day. Cooking is a passion for a lot of people today and various culinary shows on TV are immensely popular. They show no signs of withering and the same goes for cookbooks. You’ll find a plethora of cookbooks on bookstore shelves everywhere.

Today, cookbooks are more than a catalog of recipes. They’re a compilation of a chef’s or cook’s tasty results after multiple flavor failures. Their heart and soul went into making each recipe unique and delicious with new techniques, new twists, new versions and new approaches – we never stop learning. It’s their story, their dream, their devotion and their love for cooking and they want you to feel the zeal. Many recipes evoke emotions – maybe because you baked with grandma or just because you adore the ingredients. Here are two new cookbooks that will bring out the best baker in you as you try their take on enticing recipes.

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