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Win-a-Zoobooks-MagazinesZoobies (ages 0-3) is full of animal fun for little ones! And Zoobies is written and sized right to be shared with infants and toddlers. My daughter just had a baby boo and he loves Zoobies. The pictures are so bright and detailed perfect for little ones to look at and learn about animals they don’t see everyday. The little stories are perfect for reading time. It’s so important to read to babies to instill in them a love of reading at a young age. These are perfect to add that bit of science to reading time.

Zoobooks (ages 6-12) Is full of amazing photos and illustrations. It’s won many awards through the years for its kid-friendly writing and art. Each issue focuses on one animal, helping kids explore the animal’s habitat, social habit, and more! My eight year old loves Zoobooks. She has been a reader of this magazine for awhile and get so excited to learn about new animals each time we get a new one. Vivid images, activities, and full of educational fun.

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